There are things I like about every swing dance and every swing dancing scene that we play for. I have to say, though, SwingColumbus gets a lot of things right, such as their energy, openness to newcomers, consistent scene growth and their support of live music.

About 4 years ago, we played at our first SwingColumbus event on a Tuesday. At that time, we were pretty new, and their scene was much smaller. This was pre-sax, and sometimes pre-upright bass, depending on who I could get. They had a venue called The Shrunken Head with a pretty small dance floor and two big steel support pillars that got in the way. We played for the small but loving group several times, but the Shrunken Head eventually replaced their event with Karaoke because it brought in more drinkers.

I have to say that I was somewhat surprised last year when we were asked to play again and over a hundred people turned out. Keep in mind, this is a weekday and there's a cover charge. Not only was I impressed that the organizers kept us in mind after a couple years, but I was also impressed with the immense support of swing dancing and live music that they had generated. Wednesday (8/6/14) was no different. After the show was over, I was informed that we had 130 people. 

Now, I have to say that I'm not only happy at the growth because I love swing dancers and swing dancing. I'm also happy because they're giving people something to do that's fun, takes skill and physical endurance and is something other than drinking to excess. They're combatting the white-washing and one dimensionalism that is so often disguised as counter-culturalism currently... But before I go too far with this, here are some pictures by Doug Kaufman and Tony Bentivegna.

                                                           Our ever-present logo.
                                                     This seems to be us.

                                                    Some of the fine dancers on that evening.

Also, thanks to the SwingColumbus committee for everything, and to Mark Calkins for keeping a strong line of communication open with me.

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Lots of love,
KJ and the Makeshifts

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