Family friendly, high energy entertainment with a focus on authenticity and live performance...

We are Keith Jones and the Makeshifts! A 1950's swingy rock and roll and rockabilly group with an emphasis on Bill Haley's style from Cincinnati, OH. We pride ourselves in quality live performances and our dedication to authenticity and trueness to the original sound.


Tampa and Panama CIty - Always Warmly Welcomed (Pun intended) 

We just got back from our third trip down to Florida, and while it was our shortest trip yet, we feel that it was the most rewarding. Each show was incredibly well-attended, and our fan-base in those areas just keeps exploding. We're not even going to question why Floridians are such big fans of us 50's rock and roll guys out of Ohio.

In Gulfport, FL, we played a big swing dance that's held on a weekly basis. The room was full again, and there were no complaints from us. Oh, and we had a little reminder of our last visit there, too...

                                                                                        Backstage at the Gulfport Casino Ballroom in Gulfport, FL

 The next stop was Panama City. We got to be on the news again, which was pretty fun. Greg from WMBB was pretty happy we were back, too. We heard that he had good things to say about our album, and Kelsey got this behind-the-scenes video of us playing.

The Little Village yielded some pretty good pictures --



                                                   Bass Stander

                                                   This one is normal-ish.

The next day, we were at The Place in Panama City, which was also packed out. We sold a ton of CD's. We were glad to do it! 

The short trip was worth it, even through the sleep deprivation. It's looking like we're going to be back in less than a year this time, too.


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